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What You Need to Know About an Automatic External Defibrillator

When it comes to heart diseases that many people already have this condition nowadays and many of them have already died on a daily basis. When it is avoiding these types of incidents that you want to do that you will need an equipment known as an automatic external defibrillator. An efficient equipment, as well as a lifesaver, is what this equipment is all about. Whenever cardiac arrest happens that there will be fibrillation in the ventricles and so it is defibrillation that one needs to have and you can do that with the help of this equipment.

Whenever you will take a look at an AED that it is the one that can be used by someone that has a first aid basic training. It is when an AED is used that it will be able to give a shock to the patient. Whenever you will opt to use this one that you will be able to save a life. It is with the types of devices that you will see today that it can have voice prompt which makes it easier to use. It is a voice prompt AED that will tell you where you will have to place the pads, when to administer the shock as well as the needed joules for it. The time to when you are to administer a CPR is also prompted by the device.

When it is an AED that you will choose to have that they can either be semi-automatic or automatic. A few buttons is what you will be able to have when you will choose to have an automatic device and they are also very easy to use. It is this one that will basically of the job for you and will have a clear instruction for you to follow. Administering the shock is what the machine will be doing with this kind f device but it is the rescuer that will still have to attach the pads to the patient. Almost anyone will be able to use an automatic AED. It is the semi-automatic device though that should be used by a trained personnel. Even without the needed training that it is this device that can be used by anyone especially in emergency cases. It is a better care that one will also have with a semi-automatic since it is the one that will have an ECG display. By having this feature that you will also know the exact status of the patient.

It is the automatic AED’s that one will be able to see especially in public places. Whenever a rescuer has a hearing issue that the screen will also display what needs to be done. It is with the help of an AED that help can be achieved.

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